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Mark Koh

3X Founder. Mark leads SUPA's growth efforts in building the largest hybrid human-machine system to automate the distribution of data related tasks for AI development. EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Ironman triathlete.

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Isaac Tan

6+ years heading product in AI/ML. Isaac drives product development at SUPA, building data labeling infrastructure for machine learning that integrates deeply with human expertise. He is an active contributor to open source ai projects. Loves rock climbing.

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Upload data, set instructions and start a labeling project in under 10 minutes. Get labeled data in a few hours (or less). Ideal for small teams looking to scale fast. Also suitable for Enterprise clients looking to start a pilot with SUPA.
Automated semantic segmentation reduces the need for manual labeling. Our system flows these pre-annotated images to human annotators who review and refine the annotations, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.
Mila is the AI Assistant built for SMEs in Southeast Asia. Mila is designed to grasp your customers' emotional cues, enhancing interactions with empathy and supportiveness for better conversations. Find out more at heymila.ai
Our annotation tool features built-in intelligent tools and collaborative QC and feedback workflows that maximize efficiency and streamline the labeling process.
We believe human experts will always have a role to play in the AI lifecycle for years to come. Our smart task distribution system allocates data labeling work seamlessly to the right annotators. We invest deeply in how we manage, train and retain our expert workforce.
We understand the critical role of human insight in training generative AI. SUPA offer  RLHF, data labeling and curation, backed by teams of domain experts designed to match your project's specific requirements.

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