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We build technology to accurately label images, text, speech and video for companies, helping them launch and scale high performing artificial intelligence systems.



19 cats, 17 dogs, 4 bunnies and 2 other furkids. We’re an animal-loving team. Adopt, don't shop! 🐾

Average age


Our average age. We're a bunch of young(ish) techies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Amazing and diverse SUPA people from over 8 nationalities. Diversity is our strength.

Our leadership team

We value people. At SUPA, we don’t settle for mediocre. Expectations are high, but so is the energy and the support that you will get. We're here to bring your craziest ideas to life.

Susian Yeap

Head of People Ops & Co-founder

Susian considers herself to be a “Jill of all trades”. She is currently utilising her past experience in management consulting to create structure and implement plans wherever she is needed. She also loves pugs and diving!

Mark Koh

CEO & Co-founder

Mark has over 17 years of experience building startups. He leads SUPA's growth efforts, ensuring we stay competitive and adapt to market changes. Mark is also an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Ironman triathlete.



TC has over 20 years of tech experience and has been leading and growing tech teams at high growth startups for the past six years. He paves the strategic vision for technology at SUPA. TC enjoys cooking during his downtime, and sharing a good meal with friends and family.

Steve Chong

Business Development Lead

Steve is forever curious about how and why things work, who we are and where we're going next. He embraces diversity of people, ideas, and opinions. Steve believes good ideas can come from anywhere. He's an avid reader, loves durians and diving!

Isaac Tan

Head of Product & Co-founder

Isaac‌ ‌is a devoted problem solver. He's an expert at distilling the complex into actionable change. Isaac is a certified thrill seeker who likes to scale high mountains and won't say no to a night dive in the deep blue ocean.

Rebekah Cheng

Product Design Lead

Rebekah loves people and using design to make their lives better. She champions the use of human-centred design to make purpose-driven change across the organisation. Rebekah loves God, great coffee and London (where she grew up).

Min Lee

Client Success Lead

Min is known for his mental and physical endurance to power through any difficult situation. He is a curious learner always seeking new challenges for his mind. Min's mission is to create memorable, world-class customer experiences.

Daniel Kee

Head of Finance

Kee has held roles at PwC, Zoopla and Rio Tinto. He has over 10 years of experience in finance operations, planning and analysis with a commercial focus. Kee is a believer in lifelong learning and loves it when someone knowledge shares ... especially jokes!

Jonathan Chu

Head of Delivery

Jonathan loves seeing people grow and helping teams win. He's a pursuer of growth and believes that when people win, the company wins. Jonathan loves good coffee, scuba diving  and melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef.

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“Even when I joined as an intern, my voice was heard in the team. It spoke a lot to me about empowerment and accountability as an employee at Supa.”

Tok Gee Thek, Product Manager

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