July 10, 2023

How AI is transforming Agriculture

How AI is transforming Agriculture

Agritech is revolutionizing the agricultural industry, seamlessly weaving in robotics, data, and automation to transform traditional farming methods. These cutting-edge technologies are not just enhancing productivity and reducing costs; they're pioneering a new era of sustainable agriculture. In this post, we delve into how Agritech companies are harnessing computer vision, AI, and data labeling techniques to overcome the most pressing challenges in farming.

A New Era in Weed Control

Maximizing yield is an uphill battle marred by persistent weeding challenges. This problem often culminates in unnecessary wastage and escalated costs.

Agritech companies like Carbon Robotics and Verdant Robotics crafted autonomous tools for precision laser weed control that promise a staggering cost reduction of up to 80% while simultaneously boosting yield.

The precision in killing weeds starts with pixel-wise segmentation of the data, where crops and weeds are clearly and accurately annotated throughout different stages of growth.

Early Disease and Pest Detection 

Taranis employs AI to analyze high-resolution drone and satellite imagery, providing early warning of diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies. This proactive approach allows for targeted treatments, minimizing crop damage. 

The accuracy of this solution requires broad taxonomic classification of pests and diseases across multiple crop types all year round, occasionally including blurry and pixelated images.

Weather Forecasting for Farm Management 

As we all know, weather impacts farming significantly. Farmers Edge provides hyper-local weather forecasts using weather data, satellite imagery, and data labeling, helping farmers make informed decisions about irrigation, planting, and harvesting schedules.

Farm Automation

Automation technologies streamline operations and reduce labor requirements. Solinftec's ALICE AI and Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer collect data from the field and make it simple for farmers to manage and monitor their farms.

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Bryce Wilson
Data Engineer at Black.ai

Consistent support

If there's one thing that makes SUPA stand out, it's their commitment to providing consistent support throughout the data labeling process. The team actively and efficiently engaged with us to ensure any ambiguity in the dataset was cleared up.

Jonas Olausson
Data Engineer at Black AI
The best interface for self-service labeling.

Everything from uploading data to seeing it labeled in real time was really cool. This is just way simpler to use compared to Amazon Sagemaker and LabelBox. I was also very impressed with how the platform delivered exactly what we needed in terms of label quality.

Sravan Bhagavatula
Director of Computer Vision at Greyscale AI
Launch a revised batch within hours

I was also able to view the labels as they were being generated, which gave me quick feedback about the label quality, rather than waiting for the whole batch. This replaced my standard manual QA process using external tools like Voxel's Fiftyone, as the labels were clear and easy to parse through in real-time.

Sparsh Shankar
Associate ML Engineer at Sprinklr
Really quick

The annotators were really quick. I would upload and 5 minutes later - 10 images done. I checked 5 minutes later - 100 images done.

Puneet Garg
Head of Data Science at Carousell
Good quality judgments

The team at [SUPA] has been very professional & easy to work with since we started our collaboration in 2019. They've provided us with good quality judgments to train, tune, and validate our Search & Recommendations models.

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