September 12, 2022

Supahands is now SUPA |

Supahands is now SUPA |

Supahands started in 2014 in the personal concierge industry. We helped our users complete requests or tasks virtually – we became their proverbial hands! A few years (and many experiments) later, we found our niche in image annotation for machine learning.

In 2018, Supahands moved from serving everyday people like you and me, to data scientists and machine learning engineers in deep tech. In just a few years, we’ve completed millions of image annotations for AI/ML teams around the world. 

We no longer just lend our users a helping hand. 

Our mission is to solve data labeling’s last mile problem. Trust. We help our users turn unlabeled data to trusted data with a single, easy-to-use data labeling platform for quality insights. 

Our goal is to continually simplify the data labeling experience and give anyone the opportunity to get their image data labeled and understood – no code required. Through a collaborative feedback loop with our trained annotators, we help our users surface label noise and edge cases to iterate with quality insights

We are now SUPA. Ever more committed to our cause and what we do – just a whole lot stronger, determined and focused.