SUPA scales high-quality annotation output during seasonal data surges by 170% for a global agritech company that manages over 200 million trees


Aerobotics needed to handle fluctuating, large volumes of data with high-quality annotations and a 24-hour turnaround, requiring scalable and flexible workflows.


SUPA’s infrastructure enabled Aerobotics to scale up to 170% in a week without building internal annotation capacity or compromising quality.


SUPA helped Aerobotics validate up to 200,000 tree annotations within 24 hours at 97% accuracy, ensuring year-round volume flexibility and dependable service since 2020.

The Problem

Aerobotics have a large, continuous volume of data that require high quality annotations and  24-hour turnaround time to meet customer demands. The volume of data fluctuates week-on-week, with seasonal surge periods and volume increases by up to 2.7x. SUPA was required to scale its data processing workflow, while maintaining flexibility to match the client’s seasonal demand.

The Solution

Partnering with SUPA’s labeling and annotation verification infrastructure, Aerobotics was able to scale elastically with demand, up to 170% in a week, without building  annotation capacity internally or  compromising on quality. 

The Results 

SUPA allowed Aerobotics  to meet their customer’s agreed service level, by validating annotations up to 200,000 trees within a 24-hour turnaround period, at 97% accuracy, during both high and low data volume seasons. SUPA’s distributed workflow also allowed Aerobotics to maintain volume flexibility throughout the year.

“Aerobotics has partnered with SUPA for data annotation since 2020. Their dependable and collaborative approach has made them an integral part of our AI journey.” – Benji Meltzer, CTO at Aerobotics

Aerobotics is an agritech company working with aerial imagery and AI to create intelligent tools for agriculture. They have assisted in the management of over 200 million trees for clients in 18 countries, spanning regions such as Africa, the USA, Spain, and Australia.

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