Data curation and labeling
for image generative AI

Build great image generative models with high quality human data

Trusted by machine learning teams worldwide

With you at every stage of your
AI generative art journey


  • Curate and create image data for training large image models
  • Train your model to understand subjective criteria, such as aesthetics, artistic intent and context

Image Caption

  • Spot and edit overly literal or generic captions produced by your model
  • Capture the uniqueness and emotional impact of images with your brand's tone of voice


  • Measure the alignment of generated output with our workforce
  • Our labelers will help you rank  generated output to use as input for fine tuning your generative model

Sketch as prompts

  • Use drawings as prompts for your generative models. We curate and gather drawings by artists for your use case
  • We provide different levels of visual fidelity based on specific prompts

Model Evaluation

  • Monitor generative output in production applications
  • Integrate our workforce into your production workflow to monitor and improve the quality of your user experience

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