Data labeling
for content moderation

Keep your platforms, communities, and generative models safe

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Safety Detection

Make sure user-generated text follows your guidelines and flag undesired content. 

AI Red Teaming

Keep your generative AI safe using adversarial training data.

In red teaming, rather than labeling existing texts, annotators interact with a model to find instances where it fails to detect harmful content and receive real-time model feedback.

This feedback loop allows annotators to learn which strategies work and how to use trickier examples.

The model is then retrained using these cases, and the red team searches for new adversarial examples. 

Our data labeling services for text content moderation cover:

  • Toxicity Detection
  • Hate Speech Identification
  • Spam and Misinformation Flagging
  • NSFW Content Detection
  • Adversarial Training Data Creation
  • Chatbot moderation

Safeguard your platforms and users while upholding the highest standards of content quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your online spaces.


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